Hi,  I’m one of them ‘Experts by Experience’ having lived thus far, aren’t we all.

I’ve determined to share my thoughts with the world, or whoever’s interested or curious at least. There are various pieces of work here, the long and the short and some inbetween which show off my thinking, interests and sensibility to it’s best at times. And I’m quite interesting and nice to meet too!

Some of this are reflections upon having dealing with the human condition as manifest in psychiatric ‘care’. I first encountered the world of psychiatry (not as a patient) really before I could properly talk and it kept me pretty quite for a long time. I made up for that (rather overcompensating, really) in recent years but now have  decided to post some of my work online and that way I don’t have to repeat tired stories too much. My first memory being that of witnessing a loved one’s attempt suicide, she later died (using large quanties of psychistric drugs if you must know).

I hope you like or find it interesting and informative or entertaining somewhat or maybe all of that.
Please feel free to let me know what you think or not.

Cheers Dex.


3 comments on “About

  1. Dean says:

    good stuff dex keep it going xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx……then maybey the revaluation will happen against those who dont want to hear ones work..if ya know what i mean xdeano

    • Dex says:

      Thank you for your kind Words Dean. It’s always good to feel understood and appreciated.
      I would hope people don’t think my posts are attacks on anybody but that they are attempts
      at discussion around how society so often fails to provide spaces for people who due to
      trauma, the experience of extreme states of mind or for other reasons, end up populating
      the ‘mental health services’ or otherwise have difficulties in their living. As such I will
      strongly oppose certain ideas and institutional practices which I feel are unhelpful to us
      if not (as I feel they often are) downright damaging.

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