Duvet or not Duvet
that is the question
Whether ’tis nobler to grasp
the quilts and pillows of
Ophelia’s boudoir.
Or to trace her arms and heaving bosom
and by seducing to thrill,
to tie and to whip no more.
And by a cry to say we end
the hearthache, and the thousand natural
shocks that flesh is heir to;
‘Tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished!




And my smelly shoes
keep me indoors
Smeared by the musty humidity of age
conscious of the self negating pusillanimous odours
And a single word announces 7 possible
destinations, tantalising…

But the death grip of sanity
indecision again

The fear of being here
cancelled by a fear of being near.
A strange familiar paralysis
unrecognised movement….


Drowned feelings
drowned by an emotional unconscious
Preventing propelling action ..

Something Woolly

Is that a new song.
Never heard it before
Every morning your new,
Sounds woolly maybe
We can knit together
Something warm
That melts their frost
On a winters day.


We do not stop at our skin
I in you now
and you in me
Playthings and
Drumbeats  cymbals
We do not stop at our skin
Go out out out
Reverberating beyond
And on and on
We do not stop at our skin
out out in
in on on
out out
in on on
in on on
in on on
on on on
out out in
Beyond your skin
you do not end
Strong enough to be gentle
Privileged to be kind
You do not end at your skin
Carry on in
the world that your out in.

A Private Conversation

I’m not assured

That how we meet

is assured and confidential.

It would be great

To meet in a more discreet


I need reassurance.

Maybe tied together  buried at night

Naked in a Coffin.

Maybe then we’ re safe

No one is listening.


our connection is totally

Remote from inspection.

Desperate housebinds.

I write this in memory of the privileged, luxuriant, peaceful life of the suburbs. A veritable idyll we all aspire to expect in the midst of adolescence when we bemoan it’s boredom while secretly (unconsciously) fearing the ruthless pursuit of capital we must endure to secure our future aspiration.
No Doubt the guilt conditions us to remind ourselves constantly that the world is a very dangerous place filled with lying cheating deceiving monsters who will destroy you at any moment, given half the chance (did I marry one?)
There are of course the dole scroungers who wilfully lazy, lie cheat and deceive, stealing your money to fund a luxurious lifestyle – Living in mansions with Hi Def flat screen TVs, smart phone’s – drinking and scoffing all day all at taxpayers (your) expense –
Then there are the politicians, lying and cheating and deceiving who let them get away with this outrage (nay encourage it!). They live in mansions with Hi Def TVs, smart phone’s, drinking and scoffing all day at taxpayers expense (can’t they spend our money more sensibly.
Oh let me keep it I’d do a better job.) Also we have these illegal immigrants wilfully lazy scrounging away living in mansions with HD TVs, smart phone’s, drinking and scoffing away at taxpayers expense.
And those lying cheating deceiving politicians who refuse to help the homeless get a flat and get off their backsides and work, they are a menace on the high street, I think I’ll just stay at home and watch the shopping channel or browse the inter web.
What happened to old England – it’s dead and gone (OH deary me) the place is now filled with all those cheating lying shameless scroungers, feral children, feral politicians, illegal immigrants.
(And my daughter married a foreigner(she’s not the marrying kind but he was about to be deported) he’s so nice and polite though and works hard _ The wedding was the best day of my life (but she rarely calls now, I miss her so, our little chats))
And Crime don’t talk about the menace of thuggery and theft – It’s just not safe to walk the streets. You’ll be mugged by some lying cheating deceiving punk politician – And I worry about my daughter, men are all just mad rapists now –
We aren’t safe in our own homes any more. I have to lock and bolt the doors and alarm my house – It could be broken into late at night. Will Will protect me, does he even love me any more, did he ever?
My Children are gone, my looks are gone, the drugs don’t work (look it says so here) Light a candle turn to the supplement supplement, I need to relax. Awe… I just turned into my mother (I miss her so)! Just another middle aged, middle class Paranoid suburban housewife!
They could break into the house in the middle of the night and attack you! But they never do… sigh!!
And those ecologists preaching that the world is running out, we are nearing Armageddon. They make me feel so helpless and powerless. The guilt of pursuing the western consumer dream –
Oh! When! Oh! When will I live in a mansion with a HD flat screen TV, smart phone, I just want to drink, to scoff and lie about all day.
Those climate change deniers, they say nothing to worry about, nothing can change, everything is always changing. Humanity is too puny and affect less to change our climate. Oh! They make me feel so powerless and helpless all day …..
Oh! What’s this ‘Fifty shades of Grey’- That’s a perfect description of my life – No colour but you can’t complain – There’s plenty of variety.
And they could break into your home at dead of night and attack you… But they never do (sigh).
Oh read this, look, throw out the aromatherapy, the vitamins, and just pour the fish oil over me. I can’t stand the tension any more, tie me up and whip me, see I’m afraid of being harmed so relieve my fear and harm me, Now!
Oh! The dreadful, the dreadful has already happened, What next? More of the same, I suppose?
It’s like baking a cake really- all the ingredients might be are individually inedible or nasty but mixed together in the right proportions and add enough heat makes for a sweet tasting delicious concoction that rots your teeth and makes you feel fat, ugly and superfluous.